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After a year of the Peer Revue at venues large and small including the Space Foundation and the Denver Museum for Nature and Science (along with a dozen other programs including the Science on Tap, Super Science Mashup, Nerd Nite, and Denver Comic Con) – we are confident that any motivated science communicator can be just as successful bringing the Peer Revue to their own city.

We’ve distilled a years’ worth of experience in organizing, recruiting, hosting, and producing live science programming into simple to follow guides and checklists. Advertising? No problem. Nerdy music playlist? We have that too. Whether you are a motivated citizen or science institution, we can help you grow an enthusiastic science community in your hometown.

Contact us to find out how!

Kyle is a science communicator with a background in aviation and space systems engineering. He’s also the creator of sciencey comic strip “Carbon Dating”. Email:

Niki is our resident microbiologist and a legit scientist with a PhD in Genetics. She’s a long-time science outreach advocate and karaoke enthusiast. Email:

Dr. Kevin is a practicing veterinarian and professional stand-up comedian with 11 years on Animal Planet’s Emergency Vets. Last time we checked he was off tranquilizing and collaring endangered species in Mongolia. In a snowstorm.

Science Riot is an educational nonprofit working to popularize science through innovative programming, comedy, outreach, and entertainment.